Douglas Sier Support Letter

I started rowing for Mathews/Mobjack in 1999 because of Matt Muffleman. I looked up to Matt for as long as I can remember so I wanted to do what he did. I fell in love with the sport and rowed throughout my high school years. I don’t think I can put into words what rowing, Mr. Ulsaker and Mr. Rowe did for me. On the water I loved my team mates, enjoyed the pain, and obsessed on the hunt for the perfection every good boat seeks. On a personal level our coaches helped me through some tough times on or off the water and gave me a lot of much needed advice. The day I graduated high school in 2003 Mr. Rowe gave me quote written on a piece of paper which I still carry with me today.

After high school I rowed for and attended the State University of New York Maritime College where I earned a BS in Maritime Transportation and an Unlimited USCG 3rd Mates License. Currently I live in Gloucester and serve in the Merchant Marines as a Chief Officer. My career choice can be very physically and mentally demanding but nothing has come close to my experiences at Williams Wharf. Mobjack rowing is still near and dear to my heart and I wouldn’t change a second of it even if I could. Every hard fought race I had the pleasure of being a part of made me the man I am and continues to make me push myself farther.

Douglas Sier