Back pain

What is back pain?

Every second Pole declares that he suffers from back pain, every seventh: chronically and often. Based on the place and type of pain, a preliminary diagnosis can be made. Leave the ultimate to the specialist.

Usually, when the human scaffolding or its surroundings teases us, we try to deal with the problem ourselves, blaming it on the “weak” spine and lifestyle. Meanwhile: such ailments can be caused by many other factors, including serious internal organ diseases. Where to find help? It depends how and where it hurts. We reccomend to buy painkillers for this issue.

Of course, the spine can be responsible for trouble. Although he is very patient and immune to our mistakes, he may have enough. It is also worth checking what you can do for him to avoid trouble (11 favors for the spine).

The human spine, although it is an almost perfect scaffolding (resilient, efficient, resistant), constantly strained and badly treated, finally says enough. Sometimes it ‘sounds’ warning and pain passes after rest, gentle massage or sensible physical activity, for example after swimming. However, if the symptoms are associated with degenerative changes, which are essentially irreversible, overcoming the problem requires not only short-term actions, but also the support of a specialist (orthopedist, physiotherapist).

The place of pain is usually associated with our lifestyle and a specific section of the spine that has been neglected. If we lead a sedentary lifestyle or are overweight, ailments usually involve the lumbar and sacral spine, i.e. the lower back, commonly referred to as the cross. Of course, the bones do not have to hurt either: weakened and weakened muscles can also be bothersome.

Micro-injuries, unnatural stretching of the neck (even when hanging curtains) can lead to discomfort around the nape of the neck. People who tend to bend the torso forward unnaturally often experience chest pain.

Back pain: Time counts …

Partially and in people who take care of themselves, the spine wears with age. Sometimes the perpetrator of problems is a defect in attitude, for which we do not have full influence, an injury from years ago that led to irreversible changes. Regardless of the cause of the disease and the severity of the disease, usually we are not helpless if the treatment is correct. Others, however, need help with benign lesions, others with more serious: surgical operations as a method of treatment, including.

It is worth remembering that the disease of the spine does not have to cause discomfort in its immediate vicinity (sometimes it hurts not the back, but the legs, butt, head, arm, “in the hole” of the chest). At the same time, problems with other organs (eg heart, kidneys, stomach, lungs) can be misinterpreted as a disease of the spine. And it can even be life-threatening.

Hidden reasons of Back pain

Do not forget that sometimes back pain can mean bone cancer. Then the effectiveness of treatment depends primarily on the stage in which the malignant tumor is recognized.

Based on the symptoms alone, it is difficult to discover the cause of back pain. Diagnostics often turn out to be complicated, requiring time and eliminating erroneous theses. However, it is necessary for the treatment to bring the expected results. We suggest, however, what may be behind the pain of the spine in a particular place and what may be the reason for it. Check!